Lake Wolsey Cabins

          On Beautiful Manitoulin Island

Winter       Dec 1/18 - April 30/19
Check in and out noon
       Welcome winter lovers. To make it easier I have listed a few winter FYI's.  We do not have running water in the cabins with that being said there is no usable toilet or drains due to the fact they will freeze. We do supply jugs of water for dishes, cooking and etc. The shower house is open and heated for everyone to use. You will need to bring sleeping bags or blankets, slippers as well as the usual items.                                                                                   As for regulations ice hut's have to be removed from the lake by March 15th and be unavailable. 
Perch season is closed April 1- 3rd week of May.   
We do ask that you give of at least 24 hours notice.                                                                                                                                                            

                                                               Prices include up to 4 people

Cabin #   Heat Source            Bed's              Max              Nightly Weekly
    4     Electric Baseboard    1 Doubles 2 Singles and Futon      6  $147.50  $720.00
    6      Propane                    2 Double and a single                     6           $160.00        $760.00
  10     Oil Stove             3 Doubles & Pullout Sofa               6          $160.00 $760.00
  11     Electric Baseboard             2 Doubles       4          $130.00 $645.00
  12     Electric Baseboard  Double, Single Bunks and Futon                 4          $130.00 $645.00

     Extra over 4 people, Per person $15.00  Nightly  or  $50.00 Weekly
      Pets- $5.00  Nightly  or  $20.00 Weekly
                                               Daily Weekly                                                                         Ice Huts              $75.00 $250.00 Plus Propane
                        Popup Ice Shelter                $35.00                 $125.00                     
                        Plastic Sleigh                        $5.00         $20.00